2:50 a.m. and I find myself double checking making sure I haven’t forgotten anything! (Okay, that wasn’t exactly a true statement. I’ve been triple and quadruple checking). It is a very unusual time of packing, much different than any I’ve ever experienced before.  I have found that having to pack for 9 months in the approved airline luggage capacity is almost impossible!

God continues to stretch me in this process. From the beginning I have been content knowing how little I would have on the mission field, yet, there was just one little luxury that I thought surely would come along, my favorite shampoo and conditioner! Yet, when the luggage is bulging and the weight limit is over, that luxury became a ridiculous choice over some of the basics like vitamins and things that are necessary. Who knows, Africa might just have the best shampoo and conditioner known to man!

Had a wonderful night with my children and their families. Without a doubt we could feel the power of the prayers being lifted up on our behalf. Those last hugs and kisses came with lots of tears, but it was a very peaceful time together. Peace that comes from our Heavenly Father when He hears and responds to His children praying on behalf of a brother or sister in need. We sat around the kitchen table and laughed until our sides hurt. It’s so amazing how God puts the most unusual things on our minds at times like this. Trust me on this, there will be a joke at my expense from now on about shampoo and conditioner! The children have it all figured out. ¦..but since they will be reading this, I will go easy on them and not share their suggestions of new bathing practices for me!

From the depths of my heart, I am thankful for every prayer that is being prayed over our family during this transition. Please continue as the next few days bring adjustments to all of us.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa