My Family

I was born into a wonderful loving family in November, 1957. My parents experienced a great change in their lives when I was born. They were both in their mid-forties and already had a grandchild, yet, they embraced being parents again. They often told the story of when I was born and how they realized God had sent them a bundle of joy for their older years, thus my being given the name Joy. Growing up with older parents gave me the opportunity to experience a home life that was most often filled with happiness and contentment.

My role as parent began with opposite circumstances of my parents as I gave birth to my son and then my daughter at a young age. Although I was a young parent and did not have the experience my parents had when I was born, I too embraced the gifts God had given to me.  My children are grown and in their 30’s now with families of their own, but I still love being their Mother and also being the Grandmother to the 6 grandsons and 2 granddaughters they have given me.

I believe the love that my parents poured into my life as a child and the opportunity I had to be a young parent has helped prepare me for what God has now called me to do during this season of my life.

My Testimony

Growing up I was taught many things about the bible and about Christianity. However, it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I completely understood why I had a void in my life. All of my adult life until that point I thought I was a Christian; yet I had a void that nothing else seemed to fill.

My son had a friend at school that never gave up inviting us to start coming to church. My son would come home telling me about something special that was happening at church and he wanted us to go. Eventually, we did go and it was like nothing I had ever experienced growing up in church. There was something different about the people in this church. I didn’t exactly know what it was; I just knew they had something I didn’t have.

It was there at that church in July, 1988 that I met the keeper of my heart, the love of my life; the Lord Jesus Christ.  For the first time in my life I understood what His coming to earth and dying on a cross to pay my sin debt really meant. It was a Sunday night when we met. He began to tell me how much He loved me, just like I was, baggage and all. He loved me for who He knew I was created to be. He held out His hand to me that night, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with Him. I never hesitated, I took His hand and I have never let go.

Life didn’t get easier after that night. In many ways the years ahead were the hardest years of my life, but through it all my love for Him grew deeper with each passing day. Reality is that once you give your heart to Jesus, you become subjected to more evil than you’ve ever known. A victorious Christian life is not what Satan’s plans are for any of us. It is a vicious spiritual battle to overcome where we are weak and vulnerable to be attacked. We cannot win the battles on our own. If we want victory we must allow God to control every moment of our lives. The battles are so worth the victories!

If you’re like I was and not sure of your salvation or if you are reading this and you have never been told about what Jesus Christ came and did for you and how much He loves you then please contact me. I would love to introduce you to Him! It would be an introduction that would change your life for eternity.

My Calling

In the 22 years I have been a Christian, I have served in various capacities in my church and in my community. When I look back at my journey with the Lord, I can see His hand directing me all along the way. Using each area of service to prepare me for what He knew He would ultimately one day call me to do.

Early in 2009 I began to understand that I was being called out for something bigger than I’d ever been asked to do. I began to pray asking for wisdom and discernment in knowing God’s will. I prayed that I would be prepared and ready when He revealed His plan.

In the months thereafter I learned through experience a deeper walk of faith. The only thing I knew was  I was to prepare to go to the foreign mission field. He didn’t reveal when or where or with whom I would be going. By the first of June I had sold everything except my car and the personal mementos from my parents and children.

Later in June I joined an organization called Helping Hands Foreign Missions for a short term mission trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was during this trip that I first learned about eastern Uganda and the needs there. Before I left Bolivia to head home, I knew in my heart that I was suppose to go to Uganda.

This began the next step of preparation… quitting my job. It took until the end of September to finish well with my employer and step out once again in faith. The first week of October I  joined Helping Hands efforts as a missionary to their project in Uganda and left for my first visit there.

It is not easy to describe what the intimate journey with the Lord was like from first hearing my call until I left to fulfill it. I believe God has a plan and a purpose for everyone of our lives. Not everyone is called to the foreign mission field, but everyone is called to accomplish God’s perfect will for their life.

11 Responses to “ About Me ”

  1. Joannie says:

    Joy, thank you so much for sharing what the Lord has done and is doing in your life. I am full of excitement for you and look forward to seeing what happens next. I’m so thankful that we’ve reconnected after all these years.
    I pray for God’s hedge of protection around you at all times and that His love will so shine from you that the Ugandans cant help but draw close to you to learn about Him.


  2. raja says:

    Praise the Lord sister! I really wonder and happy to hear such a great testimony from you.I believe you are in the great plan of God to extend His kingdom by sharing the Gospel to many unreached areas, and to enlighten the dark lives[people in the spiritual darkness].I am praying that the Lord may bless you to make you as a channel of blessing to many people.Amen.
    I am raja,from S.India, serving the Lord in the slum areas.and started oldage, widows,patients and orphans Home.we are facing many kinds hinderances like,religious,and financial, etc. I too have the same zeal for Christ [that you have] to share the Lord JESUS with all[no difference of caste & creed].

    WE all are praying for your ministry,and all the desires that you have for Christ to be fulfilled.
    Please remember us in ur prayers, especially for the Lord’s kingdom to get extend in all the areas.If our Lord inspires you to do along with us even in India it is our pleasure and we are greatful to GOD.
    with hope in your reply,
    In Christ Bro. Raja

  3. Joy, sweet Joy. Loved your testimony and looking forward to the day when I can write one as well you yours. Although I have mine in my heart at this time just a bursting to get out. It will, it will. The time is coming for me to rejoice loudly. Since my reconnection with you and reading all you have written, I knew this was the happiness I long for. It feels so fantastic to feel this much joy and happiness for my life even though I do realize there will still be troubles, but oh well, I gotta place to send them……

  4. Benedicts says:

    Dear Mum,
    I am so thankful,first, for adopting me,My wife Getrude, My son Tony and My Daughter Abigail as your African family, God bless you so much, and i know that God had a purpose when HE did that.
    Two, i want to thank you for the strong heart you have shown our african people (both in Kenya and Uganda),especially the mothers and young children, and that you continue to assist them to a more higher level under God’s Umbrella, and I know through God, everthing is possible.

    I also take this opportunity to thank you greatly for your warm welcome to the mssion house last Sunday, and therefore want to asure you that i will make sure that all you have for an african mankind in terms of making a difference in their lives, i will be there for you, and i will make sure that it succeeds,through Gods grace. So, just be asured that you have gotten a strong son in Africa that will stand with you for anything you put forth.

    I also pray for your family back in America to get strength in the name of the Lord. God bless you.

    Your son

    Benedicts Musumbah

  5. Glenda Wallace says:

    I knew you were special that day at the Rand Hotel in Busia the minute we said, “Amen” and looked up to see God’s answer to our prayer. I also knew you were special when I heard your name. God had been giving me a gift of “Joy” each day. That day you were it. Thanks for being who God made you to be.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Glenda Wallace, Riverside UMC, Macon, GA

  6. Shawn Takikawa says:

    Hey Mrs. Joy! You might not remember me but I am in Mrs.Gwen’s Bible Fellowship Class at Blackshear Place. I work with the Staffkids here at the church which is childcare for children of the office staff. After reading your letter about Jimmy we shared his story with ‘our’ children here. They were so happy and excited to make cards for him, many of the kids made several. I sent the packet of birthday cards with Brother Kevin Ross and the Blackshear Place Uganda Team. Also in the packet are stickers,blank paper, and a few of our pictures from VBS. We wanted to send gifts but Bother Kevin was concerned about luggage weight. If we send a package through the postal service will you have to pay customs fees on your end? Please let me know.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  7. David Cheni says:

    Hey Sister Joy,
    ThanksFor All You Are Doing For Our Lord with The Kids in Busia. We Are Excited to Have You And You Are Ablessing To all of as. I serve With Kids At Springs Of Hope Orphanage and Its My Joy to Share With Kids. Find Time and Visit. We are now in Holidays and Will Start Classes Next Months.We Love You And Pray For you.
    Keep up The Good Work

  8. David Bond says:

    I once visited Busia on a mission trip and taught sunday school at the Calvary Baptist Church there. A man called Moses was the pastor there at the time and we stayed at the Rand Hotel. Are you still in Busia and how are things there? Our mission trip was part evangalistic and part medical. I was assigned to the medical team and served with Doctors Richard and Brenda Kowalski. Richard just passed away a few weeks ago from Fever. He and Brenda left their practices in the states after this our first mission trip and surrenederd to the ministry full time. My interpreter was from Lumino Town Busia and named Hillary Wafula Wangera. Hillary and I have maintained a great friendship since that time and he has even visited my home in the states.
    Thank you for what you are doing there. I have such a passion for that small community and I trust that God is using you in a mighty way.
    God Bless,

  9. Lonnie Brand says:

    You are truely one of God’s angels in the work you do and your emails are a bright light to some of the darker days. Love you Joy and take care of yourself.

  10. Jason Hughes says:

    Hi Joy: I believe you know my brother, Greg Hughes. I am a lay minister at a small baptist church in Opelika, AL. A group from our church is going on a mission trip to Uganda in May. I am going to pass your name on to our trip coordinator and perhaps you could give him some pointers. I know he would like to speak with someone from the US that is over there. God Bless.

    Jason Hughes

  11. Sherri Phillips says:

    Ms. Joy,

    Thank you for sharing your precious testimony here !!! My life was so void, until three year ago, we were visiting Blackshear Place and it was nothing in particular that the preacher preached or song sung, but the sweet Holy Spirit revealing to me that Great Love for me, this wretched and vile sinner who our Lord loved sooo much, just as I was !!! I had been like a “Martha” most of my life.. just doing…. I loved serving others, but my heart was so empty and after mom’s death without the Great Comforter… I felt like I was going crazy with the hurt and loss… Ms. Joy, the past three years, God has really worked on my heart to trust Him and He needed me to be “Mary” at His feet… I am crying now as words cannot explain all God has been doing for me in the transforming of my heart.. but I am so thankful !!! and sweet friend… I am soo thankful for you and your heart !! Our family prays and lifts you Up to our Heavenly Father and what encouragement your e-mails are !!! Love you Ms. Joy and thank you for loving our family !! <3

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