Wow! What a difference prayer makes! Yesterday just after I posted the last post about struggling with the Kiswahili course an amazing thing happened. A new student who had just joined our class that morning came looking for me and asked if she could help me with homework. She told me that she saw that I was struggling and she wanted to help me if I would like for her to! She was a great tutor and in just a matter on minutes she had me on the right track. She gave up her first evening here to help me.

Today I wanted to do something nice for her because she was so nice to me. There are no stores here or anywhere to purchase a gift so my resources were limited. Holy Spirit brought to my mind that she had shared with us yesterday about just coming from serving in the Congo where she had been remote for sometime. You remember me telling you about those 50 pound bags of luggage that I thought I was going to have to fight for…….. well, God had a plan that I couldn’t see when He allow that customs agent to approve them. I made this new friend a goody bag with all kinds of things she could enjoy! She cried when I brought it to her!I don’t believe she is a Christian, so God is going to use all of these circumstances to show His love for her through me.

Then this morning when class started we were told they were splitting the class into two classes. They have a minimum of 5 per class and we had reached 7. They divided our class and 4 stayed with the current teacher which was great because these 4 were the most advanced. Then the 3 of us left were given a new teacher. Now all of this is already answered prayer, however, it gets even better.

The other 2 students missed class yesterday so today we did review!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t our God so amazing. He sent me help last night that gave me the foundation I need to go forward. Then today, we went back over what had been so confusing to me yesterday.

From the depths of my heart, I am thankful I serve a God who cares about all of the things in my life, and thankful for family and friends who I trust to pray for me. I know that God could have answered my prayer if I hadn’t asked you to pray, but I don’t think He meant for me to carry the burden alone. I believe there is probably someone who is going to read this update and be encouraged to share their own burdens with another. (I’d love to pray for any of your needs too!) There is sooooo much power when God’s children are praying.

Speaking of power….. since I wrote the last sentence, we have lost power 4 times. There are evil forces here that don’t want me to give praise and glory to God for what He is doing. Yet, class is over for the day and all I have just now is time to wait it out where I could finish. I’m so glad the Power of the God we serve is greater than any evil that comes against us.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa