It appears that in our efforts on Saturday to rid the mattresses and bedrails with termites that we somehow allowed mosquitoes to take their place. I woke up Sunday morning with a couple of hundred bites on me. More than 50 on my face and the rest were scattered all over me. I truly look like a life size human connect the dots puzzle. I have been wondering if I took a marker and connected all of them, what might be the finished piece of artwork!

I’m sharing this to give God glory because as you all know getting Malaria from mosquitoe bites was one of the things I had to prepare myself for here because I couldn’t take the preventative medicine for the extended time I am going to be here! Here I sit covered in bites and there is no sickness in me! They don’t even itch! God allowed me to get bitten, but not by the ones who cause Malaria! I am truly Praising Him for His goodness to me!

Yesterday I found a chemically treated mosquitoe net for my bed. The previous 2 nights I had been trying to sleep under my sheet, because the market was closed where I could get netting! Last night I slept sooooo good! I could still hear them buzzing around me, but they couldn’t get to me!

Had a great visit with Rodgers. As you can see from the picture I was able to take him a mattress, a blanket and some food. If you look down at his feet, you can see how swelled he is. My next task is to find him some bigger shoes and some pants that fit. He only has one shirt so hopefully I can find him something warmer. It is very damp and cool sleeping inside the hut for him. With him being so critically ill he gets even colder.

A very happy Rodgers! A mattress, a blanket and some food!

The people who live around him have already begun to gather the sticks to build him a small hut right beside theirs. The church is going to work on getting the grass and the nails needed as well as supplying some labor to get him a place of his own built. The hut he is now staying in has a hole right in the top of it and just the past two days alone, the mission house here where I live experienced water coming in under the doors with the heavy rains that are here. I am concerned that he is wet and cold, but I have peace knowing he isn’t hungry this week or sleeping on the ground with no covers like he did last week.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to support me financially. Because you gave to me, I was able to give to Rodgers. It took all of us to make a difference in his life. Rodgers won’t have the opportunity to personally tell you thank you from here on earth, but someday when we are all living in our heavenly home, he will look you up and tell you thank you! From Rodgers and me both, we are thankful for you.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa