Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me the past few days. I am well physically as I’ve now passed the 10 day mark of when Malaria would have shown up. To God be the glory that I am not sick even though I had over 200 mosquito bites! Thank you as well for the prayers in my being strengthened emotionally after the sadness of Rodgers death and the senseless act of violence against Gloria.

Gloria is still in the hospital recovering from her attack. Her little 4 year old body has a long road of recovery ahead. Her test results were positive and she has been infected with Aids from her attacker.

Today for the first time since her attack, I was able to pray for the soul of the man who did this to her. I know my delay in praying for him does not indicate spiritual maturity, but I’m just being honest, I could not pray for him until today.

Today I began to pray that through these circumstances this man will come to know Jesus as his Savior. After I was able to pray for him, it occurred to me, what if God ask me to be the one to share the gospel with him. Could I, .would I, the answer is I simply don’t know. I would want to be obedient and do what God ask of me, but I truly don’t know if I could do it.

So many of you have responded with an outpouring of love for Gloria. Gloria is one of the orphans here in Busia. She is being cared for by her uncle since her parents death. Her attacker was a man who lived in her village that she knew and had no reason to be afraid of. Her attacker is still a free man, the authorities know who he is, but cannot arrest him until documents from the hospital can be obtained.

I did not find out until today that it cost about $100 to process the documentation and the uncle does not have the money. He had to decide between spending what money he had on getting Gloria medical care or having the man arrested.

Trust me I know what is going through your mind. This isn’t right, but this is life here be it right or wrong. As soon as I learned why the man wasn’t being arrested, I agreed to pay for the documents they needed to do so. Once again, if it were not for those of you who have made it possible for me to be here, I would not be able to help Gloria. Thank you for helping me be the hands and feet of Jesus in her life.

Her injuries were so severe she was moved to a larger hospital that is far away. Today I was blessed to travel to a city much bigger than Busia and I went in search for a toy I could send her. On the back isle in the store I found a wonderful stuffed bear! I’m sure Gloria has never had a real toy because most of the children here have never had a real toy.

Gloria’s Bear

Tomorrow I will be meeting with the uncle and sending the bear along with him back to the hospital and also sending the money he needs to pay for the documentation the police need to arrest her attacker.

I would love to think she could come home from the hospital and come live with me. Just like Sunday before last when one of the church members brought a baby less than 2 years old to the service asking if anyone knew the baby. It was found wandering and no one knows who the child belonged to or what happened to whoever was caring for it. Unless one of the church members keeps it, there is nowhere for this baby to go. The church members are already caring for more children in their homes than they can feed, yet they continue to take them. The Pastor and his wife have 6 orphans in their home along with their own children. They are leading by example.

On our trip today I learned about some food here I had not seen before. I could see children out in the gullies digging but I didn’t have any idea what for. It was obvious these were very poor children so naturally I wanted to know what they were doing.

Termites/White Ants

This is a picture of the termites also called white ants they were gathering in their cups to eat.

Also here is a picture of some orphan boys proudly displaying their food.

Orphan Boys and Termites/White Ants

This was their meal for the day.

What have you eaten today?

Love to all.