My day began by waking early, still on Africa time. A great benefit to the time adjustment is more sweet hours with the Lord in prayer. There is just something so special about the hours just before daybreak. This morning I sensed a deeper presence of the Lord, I can’t put my finger on exactly what brought it on, I just realized this morning was different than other mornings. There was a great sense of anticipation, but for what I did not know.

Leaving home, heading to church, once again I sensed the Lords presence driving along while the morning sunlight was bursting forth through the fall colored leaves. The beauty of His creation was all about me as He began to speak to my heart about how He creates a new day every day. No day is exactly like any other day, they are unique. I began to think about my own daily life and what was I doing to ensure that the Lord has the opportunity to create something new and unique in each of my days. I began to pray and asked the Lord to create something new in me today, to move me from any spot in my life that I have become complacent.

I guess some would think that serving on the foreign mission fields of Africa would be enough, yet I experience the same struggles there as here on American soil, the struggle of complacency. I often think that the struggle is more difficult there simply because I spend the most time alone without the blessings of church services I can understand, and healthy bible study groups and other activities that aren’t available to me over there. My walk and growth with the Lord is dependent on my holding myself accountable and that is where I find myself becoming complacent. Yet, complacency is the last thing I want for my life.

Also, I can see where becoming discouraged pushes me towards complacency. Without a doubt this past week I experienced the most discouragement I have experienced since going to Africa to serve. This last bout of Malaria took its toll on me, and I began to question if I could continue to withstand these frequent bouts of Malaria. I felt as if I could no longer physically deal with being sick yet once again and this made me very sad. I know I am called to serve in Africa and I’ve tried to be obedient, so to begin to have thoughts of I can’t do this anymore was very hard for me to accept. It is so clear to me now that I was becoming complacent. Malaria had become a way of life for me and instead of turning it over to the Lord, I was adjusting my life to accepting it as part of life there.

Yet in a very special church service this morning I let go of that complacency, accepted and believed in the prayers that the church prayed for me. I attended church at The Grove this morning where I joined my brothers and my sister for the first time in over 10 years in the same church for a Sunday morning church service. My sweet niece Lecia and her husband Jeff who pastors there took us into the presence of the Lord with incredible praise and worship…and then…God did an amazing thing!

I hadn’t talk to Jeff about my discouragement, yet my heavenly Father knew and He knew Jeff and Lecia and this body of believers would come to church this morning prayed up and ready to see what God was going to do today. Jeff called for me to come down front where I stood in the middle of a group of amazing prayer warriors and there is absolutely no doubt left in my mind that this morning God healed me. Not only did He heal me physically, He restored me spiritually and answered my prayer to come out of any area of complacency in my life.  

While this body of believers were praying, my body became internally hot, it was a physical feeling, and even though I didn’t know exactly what was happening, I knew God was doing it. I don’t know all the people who prayed for me this morning, but God knows, His children served Him well today and a difference was made in my life.

All glory, honor and praise to our God for what He did in my life today. He is taking me forward on to our next journey, what an incredible life I get to live.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa