It is good to give Thanks unto the Lord! That is what this update is all about! Giving thanks for ALL the blessings in the time I’ve been home. Today I shared with a friend that my cup is running over!

Without a doubt in the time I’ve been home I’ve done things that I can’t do in Africa. Things like eating something besides rice and beans, sleeping without a mosquito net, going to bed at night without the sound of an armed guard walking past my window, drinking water from the faucet, having power and water 24 hours a day, washing my clothes in a real washing machine, or simply being able to put toilet paper in the toilet! These are just a few blessings I’ve experience and although they each have their importance it is not these things that are the most important to me.

In Africa I cannot attend a church service with my son and daughter!

Serving the Lord with my son Bryan and daughter Dana

In Africa I cannot find my grandchildren snuggled up together playing!

My grandchildren…Sarah, Caleb, Michael and Sawyer enjoying their morning after a night at Mommaws house

In Africa I cannot watch my granddaughter overcome a fear in her life! (one that I might mention her Mommaw has not yet conquered!)

My granddaughter Emma conquering her fear of snakes…

Or, my grandson being strong and brave!¦

My grandson Stephen holding King Kong…

In Africa I cannot see my grandson just after killing his first buck!

My grandson Eli and his first buck

In Africa I cannot see and hear my grandson laughing!

My grandson Isaac…just being himself….

It is these blessings that are most important to me. Time with my family makes wonderful memories that will carry me over until my next trip home. It will be these memories that keep me strong when I get homesick, or give me a reason to smile when the sad things of life in Africa get me down. Although I only see my family a few weeks out of the year now that I am doing the Lords work in Africa, I consider my life blessed beyond measure. To spend a second, minute, hour or day in time with these that I love most is what I cherish.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa