So happy to report….the rainy season has begun. The 100 degree weather is behind us for a while and for that I am very thankful. No matter where you travel, you see workers in the fields getting their seeds planted. The drought here has caused many families to be without any source of food. Many of our children at the orphan school have been sharing about not having any food at all to eat. I am always most thankful for the food provisions Helping Hands provides to our children, but at a time like this it becomes an even greater blessing as I know without this food, many would go without completely.

Its been a busy couple of weeks with teams in an out. Its always a joy to have short term teams come to serve. One thing I throughly enjoy is watching the orphans receive packages from their sponsors that these teams deliver. Steve Moon enjoyed spending time with Hassan…the boy he sponsors.

Steve Moon with his sponsor child…Hassan

The children are always happy to received a package from their sponsor….but to have the sponsor come and visit makes them happiest of all.

This little boy named John is the child my son Bryan and his family sponsor.

Sweet Little John

John is such a sweetie…he comes running when he sees me which makes my heart happy! Please pray for our little John as he was diagnosed with HIV just a few months back. To see him and hear him laugh and watch him play you would never know the war raging within his little body.

When I first came to the mission field here in Africa, I was told that in time there would be some little girls born who would be given the name Joy. I’d like to introduce the first Joy to arrive…..

A New Little Joy

I am so honored that my name would be shared. I can’t help but think of my parents and the story behind my name. Being born to them when they were in their mid-forties they made a choice to embraced parenthood in mid-life. I was always told that I am called Joy because they couldn’t think of anything else I could be as God had given me to them at that season of their life. Now, to know that their name for me is living on…53 years later in a little village in Africa…….even though they’ve been in heaven for more than half my life now, I can’t help but wish they were here so I could tell them.

Blessings are continuing as each team arrives with the study bibles we’ve been anxiously waiting for.

Pastor Tom picking up study bibles to deliver to Kenya

This is one of those things that I am very thankful to be able to witness. A study bible for a pastor is something they never thought they would have. Almost half of the 230 study bibles purchased have been transported here from Georgia and are being delivered to the pastors. The remaining bibles will be sent along with the next short term teams. My sincere thanks once again to Craig and Christin Haynie and Trevor Cain and Brad Faulkner for putting these study bibles into the hands of our pastors. I don’t believe it will be possible to account here on earth for the lives changed with these bibles. Only when we reach our heavenly home will know the impact that was made.

All is well here at the mission house, I’ve been released to travel by myself to and from school or town as long as I take a bicycle taxi. I still cannot walk anywhere by myself, but am happy to be able to leave the compound. Everything seems back to normal and for that I am very grateful. I have two team members still here with me until mid April. One of them is from Bolivia, South America and speaks very little English. We are having a great time learning from each other….during supper each night we are teaching each other our languages. Of course I had to share that the English he is learning from me will not work well in most other parts of the world! As it has been since I first arrived in Africa….my southern accent is not easily understood. Wilzon (from Boliva) and George (also a southerner) are here doing construction. Today we are headed to the capital city – Kampala where we hope to be able to purchase a cement mixer. We know it will not be an easy task, but we are hoping for the best!

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa