I’ve someone new to introduce to you. This is our newest orphan living here with us at the mission house. Her name is Doreen and Arafat is so happy to have another child here his age. Yesterday they both went with us to a bush church. What a joy to see them carrying their Bibles and then listening to them pray during church.

Doreen and Arafat….ready for church!

We went to the church where our guard Geoffrey attends. It was the first time we’ve ever been in church with him. A few weeks back Helping Hands changed Geoffreys job position. He now does all sorts of things and has Sundays off, so he can be in church with his family.

Geoffrey with his boys at church….

This church is also the church of the boy my son Bryan and his family sponsor. His name is John and as soon as we walked in the church, he came immediately and snuggled up right next to me. I sure love this boy, he is very special to our family.

Our sweet little John

This morning, Tom, Sezi and I are heading out to Kenya for the second Secret Church conference. I am so excited as having already experienced the first one helps me know how God is going to work throughout this week. Just a bit nervous about my lodging! I am staying in the hut where I had to sleep with the chicken last year! God knows how to keep me on my toes, and keeps my life here interesting!

At first you might think they should just get rid of the chicken, Even me at times, I think maybe that chicken made it to Sunday dinner! But we have to remember that the chicken is an asset to the widow and that is the life here. So, I bring what I need to endure and keep in my mind that I am blessed to have a place to sleep as this widow and her children will not because they gave up their hut for me.

My home for this week and the sweet family who will sacrifice to make it possible…

Please keep all the pastors attending the conference in your prayers. Also, those who make these conferences possible…the ones who carry water and cook. Anticipating another incredible time of watching God change and grow the pastors as they learn more of the Word and about our persecuted brothers and sisters all over the world.

Love to all,

Joy Breedove

Missionary-East Africa