Another great week of Secret Church ministry in the western part of Kenya. As the week ended, our hearts rejoiced as two pastors shared how the Holy Spirit had spoken to them about a call to the mission field. One requested prayer for the call he wants to answer to the country of Angola, and another requested prayer for the call he wants to answer to the country of North Sudan. One is a young pastor, the other an older pastor. Proof that God can use us, no matter how young or how old.

My home for this week….

The surroundings around my home for the week…

Beautiful ladies who cooked for our pastors…

Back breaking work…washing dishes for the pastors…

The road we walked from our home to the church….

The church where our conference was held…

The men of God who grew in knowledge and wisdom this week….

A wonderful example of a Paul, Barnabas, Timothy heritage

The young man on the left was taught while he was growing up in Sunday School by the man in the middle. The man on the right was their pastor. Today this young man is the district leader over both his Sunday School teacher’s church and his former pastors church. What a loving relationship they all had for one another and a beautiful heritage they have made being an example of a Paul, Barnabas, Timothy relationship.

A beautiful Kenya sunset….

Each evening as I walked from the church down the road towards home, I was blessed to watch the sun going down. Simply breathtaking beauty by the Creator to end my days….

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa