It’s hard to believe I am heading out today for the next to last Secret Church conference in Kenya this year. I have never had time pass so quickly here, as these past few months have passed. What an incredible journey its been thus far! Once again I am headed out today to a part of Kenya I’ve never been. Looking forward to seeing more of Gods creation and meeting more of His servants! The last conference was filled as always with so many blessings.

Pastors attending the Secret Church Conference

Young pastors training in the Word~

These young men are in their twenties and doing a great work for the churches they pastor. Every where I go, there are usually some young men, but they’re not always pastors. God allowed me to see these young men in a different light and burdened my heart to help them get more teachings. I have some separate Secret Church studies that I am going to bring these pastors here to Uganda to the mission house to do. Last year the folks at Radical gave me the remaining studies from the Secret Church teachings, some of which we have not completed yet. Now I know at least 3 of who these remaining studies were meant for.

Pastors Completing Their Study Guides

My home for the week

My host family

The kitchen and women who took care of the pastors

These were my roommates for the week: 2 mother chickens and their babies and a duck. Also a cat.

Please be in prayer for our sweet Umaru.


He has basically stopped eating in the last few days. He is no longer wanting food. His little body is continuing to swell more and more. He will sometimes drink some yogurt and this morning he ate a boiled egg, but thats not a whole lot. We know there is nothing we can do, and we must trust God in what His will is for Umaru. Selfishly, I want God to heal him here and let him stay with us, but as I learned with Derick, sometimes God is ready to have them home with Him. Its hard to leave today not knowing if he will be alright until I get back.

His Mother left two weeks ago to go plant her crops. She has returned only once since then and visited him for a couple of hours. I know this is hard for him, so please join me in praying that his Mother will soon complete her work and return to be with him. If you don’t plant crops here, you don’t eat, so I know it must be hard for her to have to make such a decision when he is so sick. Yet, I know she has peace that he is in good hands here.

Here is a picture I took this week of our kiddo’s that live with us here at the mission house. We are so blessed!

From Left: Phylis, Esther, James, Arafat, Doreen and Umaru

Pray for our conference this week as God once again uses Pastor Platt’s teachings to grow in wisdom and knowledge those who will attend. As always I am very thankful for the Radical team and all they have done to provide training for our pastors here. Also pray for my health as I’ve been battling stomach issues for several weeks. And today I leave with a severe headache that I’ve had a couple of days. Pray that I will be 100% healed by the time I reach the conference later today where I can complete all God has for us this week.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa