The first of 12 weeks of Secret Church conferences has been completed here in Kenya. Beautiful countryside last week during our travels.



The pastors who attended this first conference are part of 400 pastors/church leaders who will receive this new training with Dr. David Platts Secret Church teachings: Exploring the Holy Spirit, Who Is God and Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare.

What a joy to be the delivery person…

Pastors this week gaining wisdom and knowledge…

I am also excited to be delivering the new Multiply discipleship book from Francis Chan to the senior pastors. I’m delivering 130 of these new books for the Kenya pastors to use as tools for discipleship. For those of you who might not be familiar with Multiply, you can access the material free at

7 firm committments to use Multiply to make disciples who will make disciples….

A special word of thanks to Angelia Stewart and the Radical/Secret Church team for ALL they do for us here. Without their encouragement and faithful support these conferences could not take place. Radical provides not only the shipping cost of getting the materials here from the states; they also provide transportation for Pastor Tom (my translator) and for myself. They provide food for all the conferences for these many days the pastors participate. They provide fuel for our generator, blankets and mats for the pastors so sleep on, the list goes on and on of their provisions.

So thankful for the passion they have to make disciples of all nations. Please be praying for Dr. Platt and the entire Radical team as they prepare for the Secret Church live simulcast on March 29th with the teaching: Heaven, Hell and End of the World. Also, prayerfully consider hosting a group in your home or church for the simulcast. Information about Secret Church and the simulcast can be found at

Last Sunday I was blessed to spend the afternoon with part of my African family who came over from Uganda to Kenya to visit with me.

Part of my Africa family….

Most of you remember my always writing home about Geoffrey the best guard I ever had. You might remember that just a few months before I first arrived in Africa; Geoffreys wife had drowned, leaving behind two toddler boys. Last year he remarried to sweet Lillian and three weeks ago on January 5th their precious son was born.

Geoffrey, Lillian and sweet little James….

They waited for me to arrive back in Africa before naming him and gave me the blessing of choosing his name. I gave him the name James after James who was the brother of Jesus and a leader of the Jerusalem church; as well as the writer of one of my favorite books in the bible. James is sometimes referred to as The Proverbs of the New Testament and I challenged Geoffrey and Lillian to teach James this book as he is growing up as it reminds Christians how to live out their faith.

Getting in some good practice for our new arrival in July…

While holding him I realized I was getting in some practice for my new grandbaby coming in late July. I have to admit getting the news of a new grandbaby for Christmas was AWESOME! For Christmas, Bryan and Kim gave the grandparents these sets of pictures of a fun family outing they had.

What a Christmas gift! News of a new GrandBaby~

Then they watched our faces as we realized that the photo in the last section was a sonogram. We had thought the last of the grandchildren had been born! We are rejoicing with inexpressible joy to learn God is blessing us with another one.

Excited to be adding GrandBaby #9 to this group of treasures!

As a matter of prayer, there is one of us grandparents that need your prayers. Just a week or so after the news of the new grandbaby, my daughter-in-loves step-dad or Pappaw to the grandchildren was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


His hearts desire is to hold this new grandbaby. He has accepted that unless God performs a miracle, his time here on this earth is limited and has a wonderful attitude and understanding of the joy of going home to heaven. Please be praying for him and the entire family in the months ahead. His name is Jeff Bassett.

As I wrote in my end of the year newsletter, my initial plans were to stay in Kenya throughout this year without making my usual mid-year trip home. However, God had other plans, wonderful plans. I will be home late July to be there for this new precious baby God is blessing us with. Please pray for Kim and the baby over the months ahead.

On my way home in July, I am stopping over in Germany and meeting up with a mission team from Blackshear Place. We will be serving with our other Blackshear Place missionaries, Sharon & John Summers and Rick and Christie Krueger who are serving with Teach Beyond.

If some of you haven’t made a decision about which mission trip to be part of this year, I encourage you to prayerfully consider joining the team coming to Germany. I am excited to have the opportunity of serving with our missionaries there along with a mission team from Blackshear Place. You can contact Pastor Dave Channell who will be leading the Blackshear Place team at 770-534-7058 for more information.

As always I am so thankful for each and every one of you who faithfully keep me covered in prayers and those who financially support me. It continues to be an honor to represent you here on the foreign mission fields of Africa.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa