Have you ever had someone in your life that you wait anxiously for some sign, some pivotal moment when the Christianity they profess to have within them comes out of hiding? When you look closely to see if they have started attending church, or reading their bible or speak of an intimate prayer life; any actions whatsoever that would indicate they are a true follower of Jesus Christ?

In my life, I have family and friends who profess to be Christians, yet there is no evidence. I’ve tried many times to share how different our lives become when we truly surrender our lives to Jesus Christ and became a true follower. Yet, their hearts have not been receptive and I find myself still waiting, hoping and praying to hear of a change in their lives.

This is a subject close to my heart, because for many years I was one of these people. I heard a sermon preached on hell one night when I was 11 years old. The preachers words freighted me and I didn’t want to go to hell. Not until 17 years later when I heard evangelist Bailey Smith preach a sermon on “The Difference Between the Wheat and the Tare” did I understand my lostness. If I had lost my life during those years, I would have spent eternity in hell because I thought since I prayed a prayer telling God I didn’t want to go to hell that everything was okay and I would spend eternity in heaven.

In those 17 years I always answered yes I am Christian when someone asked me, yet, there was nothing…no evidence. I wasn’t in church, I never read my bible nor even thought of reading my bible, and the only prayers I prayed were at night when I was tucking my children into bed.Praying the now I lay me down to sleep prayer. I never talked about the Lord, never witnessed to others, my list could go on and on. Bottom line, I was deceived and headed straight for hell.

When I truly understood the reality of where I stood with God and made a decision to surrender my life to Him, to become a true follower of Jesus Christ, my life changed. I didn’t become perfect and still had a lot of growing to do, as I still do today, but there was a change in me as I now had an intense desire to never be the same again. That intense desire has never stopped. For 25 years this coming July I have continued to desire to grow, to be a better child of the King, to know more of the bible, to tell others about how my life has been changed, and ultimately learning to truly surrender all I am to Him.

Lsst Sunday, the Spirit of God spoke through Pastor Johnny Hunt, First Baptist Church Woodstock, preaching a sermon that spoke truth so needed in many church filled seats today. I want to encourage all of you to take an hour of your time and watch this message. If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, this message will burden your heart for those around you that you know are deceived and will spend eternity in hell unless there is a break through. If you are questioning if you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, this message will speak truth into your life. If you have never come to a place in your life where you’ve completely understood what a Christ follower is, this message will clear up your questions and give you clarity on what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

I’m praying for break through’s for eternity.

The sermon is entitled, WHAT MAKES A DISCIPLE. Its the 9:30 am timeframe. The first 30 minutes are Worship, but you can fast forward to about the 30 minute mark and the sermon will begin.


Love to all,

Joy Breedlove
Missionary-East Africa