Wow, did God ever do something so amazing today! Not that He doesn’t do amazing things every day, but today was without a doubt a divine appointment!

I’ve been struggling for a while, more so than normal with missing being home. My oldest Grandson Stephen went to his first youth camp and I wasn’t there to see and hear him share how God had worked in his life. I wasn’t there a few days after he returned when he understood that he only had head knowledge of the Lord and he surrendered his life to Christ. This week my next to oldest Grandson Eli is playing baseball in Myrtle Beach and they have beaten teams from all over the country. Eli made a game winning catch and I wasn’t there. I saw a picture today of my youngest grandson Isaac with underwear on and not a diaper, I wasn’t there for that. All of my grandchildren are out of school and doing the things we always do together in the summer, but I am not there for that. 

As you can imagine, these are not easy things to always accept. Daily I see God working here and I know I am doing what He has called me to do, yet, there are times like this when I just plain miss being home and nothing else substitutes for the emptiness. Yet, I serve a Mighty God who cares about the emptiness I feel at times like this and today, He sent me a special blessing!

There is only one restaurant here that I can eat at which I do just about every day. I’ve met lots of people who are staying at the hotel there but not Americans. Because there are not usually very many people there, whoever is there we always talk while we eat, well, if they can speak English we talk! I walked through the gate to the outside seating area where I always sit to eat and I could not believe my eyes, there sat a large group of Americans! At first I didn’t know they were Americans, and because their team had needed the space where I normally sit to eat I went on the inside.

When I got inside I met a Doctor from Kenya who had completed some of his education in America. He had stopped in for lunch and thought I was with the group outside. He had already talked to them and asked me if I was from Georgia too! You can just imagine how shocked I was to hear him ask me that! I ask… are those Americans from Georgia…. and he said YES!

What an incredible blessing I experienced as I went out and met not only Georgians, but Georgians from Braselton, I serve an awesome God! They are a mission team from a church in Macon, but the Pastors brother and his wife who are on the trip attend Zion church in the Mitsubishi building in Braselton. He is the county extension agent for Banks County! They know so many people from my home church Blackshear Place Baptist and my good friends church Belmont Baptist! What an incredible conversation for me!

This team had no idea how homesick I was or that they were a divine appointment sent directly from the Lord to me! Since I couldn’t go home, the Lord brought home to me! They are pulling out early in the morning so I won’t get to see them again, but I will not soon forget them or the way God used them to give me a feeling of home that I needed so desperately.

Love to all.

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa