It’s been a rough week battling malaria, and just this evening I am beginning to feel better. On Wednesday I had to return to the doctor and another process of injections began. I don’t know what frustrates me the most… knowing I am doing everything possible to prevent malaria and still getting it….or not being able to control the symptoms and feeling so helpless. Yet, one thing is for sure, when those first moments become clear that you’ve turned the corner and are beginning to feel better, you can’t help but rejoice!

Each and every time God has allowed me to have malaria, I am always reminded of our children here. Even if a child has malaria, they walk to school sometimes so sick they can barely stand just so they will get to eat a meal. I try to imagine how difficult malaria must be for them, yet I don’t think I really understand.

As the day was passing today, I was concerned about how capable I would be to start our new Bible classes in the morning for our pastors. The treatment medicine makes mentally focusing a challenge, but mid afternoon my mind began to clear and I was able to focus on the preparation.

I am very excited about the work God is doing here in the lives of our pastors. Tomorrow begins a two year commitment for me and them. All of them will walk or ride a bicycle to get here early in the morning, and will do so every Saturday. Each of them received a new study bible during registration last Saturday, so this is a well equipped class of students. It will be a joy to watch God grow them up and prepare them for bigger and greater plans that He has for them.

Dinner this evening was very special. Around our table here in the mission house, we had Wilzon from Bolivia, Willi from Germany, Pastor Moses and Rose from Uganda and those of us from the states. There was much laughter as communication seemed to get funnier and funnier. During our meal we talked about how although we come from different countries and speak different languages, we share a common bond….we all love JESUS!

Please continue to pray for my friend Pastor Charles Card as he under goes quadruple bypass surgery in Birmingham on Tuesday. Also, remember Pastor Kevin Ross from my home church and the mission team traveling with him in Argentina.

Thank you for every prayer thats been prayed for my health this week as well as my unspoken request. I just couldn’t imagine having a week like this one without the prayers from those of you back home.

If you think of us tomorrow as we are having our first class, give a word of thanks up to the Lord. What a joy to be here and see such excitement over learning the Word of God.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa