4 weeks ago one of our orphans was hit and ran over by a motorcycle. He was hospitalized in Kenya and released into his grandmothers care Saturday. Yesterday morning he walked to church which is a miracle in itself and it was obvious he was still in critical condition. Dr Brenda examined him and found his injuries to continue to be life threatening if he did not receive proper care. He would have died if he had been sent back to their hut.

Without hesitation we made the decision for him to come and stay with us. Now our living room is a hospital room and little Arafat is getting the best care from Dr Brenda and Pam. How incredible our God is to have both Dr Brenda and Pam who is a nurse here for this time.

This picture is both graphic and precious at the same time.

Precious Arafat

Arafat is a great kid! Another God thing is that he speaks and understands english, so it has been easy to communicate with him. He has a beautiful smile….and such a sweet personality. Yesterday during one of the times we gathered around him to pray for him, he told us he wanted to pray. It was hard for us to understand everything he was saying because he was so weak, but we understood his calling out the name of Jesus and he was telling Jesus he was a boy. It was a intimate moment between a boy and Jesus….there was no doubt in any of our minds…that Jesus was listening….

I don’t know all the specific terms to describe his injuries. I know that the motorcycle ran over his stomach and his intestines were damaged. The reason he is so malnourished is that he does not retain anything he eats. He had surgery to correct part of the injuries, however some still remain and his bodily functions are coming out of a hole in his stomach. The skin where it runs out is raw and no matter what he eats, it causes him such pain when it has to be cleaned.

Yesterday, Pam and I went to Torroro looking for a colostomy bag, but there was none to be found. We sent someone into Kampala today to search for some, please pray that bags will be found.

Arafat is truly in the hands of the Lord. Dr Brenda is doing all she can to save his life, but with limited resources, it is not easy. Her and Pam spent hours and hours trying to use what was available to make a bag for him, yet nothing works properly.

My prayer request is this: For Gods will to be done in Arafats life. He is from a Muslim family and we know that God will use this in some way to draw not only Arafat but others into a relationship with Him. Pray for the colostomy bags to be found. Pray for divine healing for his body. Pray for Dr Brenda and Pam as they serve so faithfully using the gifts and talents God has given to them.

I feel almost ashamed to mention my malaria now that these last 24 hours has brought Arafat to us, however, I wanted to send an update. I took my last injection yesterday and so the malaria parasite should now be dead. This evening I will take 3 pills that will kill the eggs the malaria parasite left behind. I am still not feeling 100%, but each day I am stronger and have less symptoms. Please continue praying for my healing.

Thank you for all your prayers…please continue to remember my friend Pastor Charles Card as he undergoes quadruple bypass surgery in Birmingham tomorrow.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa