Since I have come to serve here in East Africa, we have never housed a child here at the mission house. Yet, in the past 24 hours, God has sent us two. I am writing once again seeking your prayers for another child. His name is Derick and he is 7 years old. Today someone came for Dr Brenda and told her she needed to go check on this child. He is not a child in our school, or one we have met before, but she felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to go.

Derick and his Momma

What she found as you can see from his picture broke her heart. Derick has cancer in his face and his Momma didn’t have money to get him treatment so the cancer is now at the point of taking his life unless Dr Brenda can find help for him. He weighs maybe 25 pounds and can no longer get much food into his mouth. The cancer has caused his face to be damaged and it is difficult for him to breathe. He and his Momma came to the mission house tonight where they will sleep and then travel in the morning with Dr Brenda to Kampala in hopes of treatment.

My prayer request is this: Please pray for Gods perfect will in Derics life. The outlook is gloom at this point, yet, we believe and trust God to do what He knows is best. Pray for divine healing, whatever that looks like for Derick. We need prayer specifically for Derick to have minimal pain as he travels the four hour journey to Kampala. We need specific prayer for doors to be open and answers given as to what care is available for him. Also, a simple but much needed prayer….please pray for Dr Brenda, Pam and myself… pray that God will get us through and we will glorify Him in all that is done.

I come again to you asking for your prayers because I know there are some incredible prayer warriors who will read this and we need ALL of you praying. Your prayers were felt throughout the day today. You will be pleased to know that Arafat just in the last few hours seems to be some better. He had a visit with his guardian and sat up for a long time.

Arafat visiting with his guardian

Tonight he started singing…which just amazed us beyond belief. Thank you for all of your prayers….God heard and answered….He sent colostomy bags!

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa