This morning I left with my driver Sezi and his family to attend worship services at one of our bush churches on the banks of Lake Victoria. Sezi has been driving me since just a few months after I first arrived here. He is such a sweet man and has a wonderful family.

Sezi, Naomi, Joy and Joshua

They like Jimmy and Tom, have become my family over here. They were all dressed up for Easter Sunday….such a beautiful family. I have a special bond with his daughter who shares my name, but his wife, Naomi and son, Joshua are also just as special to me.

All of our journey after leaving the mission house with the exception of about 2 miles was all dirt road. It was about a two hour drive and the closer we came to our destination the muddier it became. I guess you are probably already guessing what happened…yes….we got stuck.

Pastor Nicolas who we were going to attend his church had walked to meet us and was driving along with us. When we saw this huge mud hole, he had Sezi stop and he walked to a nearby hut and borrowed a hoe and a big knife. He and Sezi cut brush and placed it on top of the mud hole….but we still got very stuck.

Sezi and Pastor Nicolas adding brush to the mud hole….

The people who had loaned Pastor Nicolas the hoe and knife came out and literally pushed us through the mud for a very long way.

I took this while they were pushing us through the mud….

I felt so badly for Sezi who was dressed up in his good clothes…but he never complained as he never does….he just kept smiling and took it all in stride. I was thankful Pastor Nicolas had worn clothes that he knew he might need to have on because of the mud.

When we arrived at the church, the view of Lake Victoria was breath taking,

Lake VIctoria

but even more so was the children awaiting us. The children around Lake Victoria are the poorest of the poor here…so malnourished and under clothed

Sweet little boy….

…but so beautiful and happy.

Pastor Nicolas and the youngest two of his eight children….

One of the pastors here who inspires me every time I see him is Pastor Minor. He has two legs but both are completely useless, so he walks with his hands.

Pastor Minor and his family….

He pastors a church and doesn’t let his handicap stop him from accomplishing God’s will for his life. Because he could not maneuver through the mud today, he came by boat. Together we all had a wonderful church service…celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

Spending Easter in the bush brought my week of traveling to a close. Four days this week I spent in Kitale, Kenya teaching a conference. Sezi and Tom traveled with me and we had a great trip. We stayed with a very special family….

Pastor Protus and his wife, Jannefer

Their children…Sandra, Kelvin, Branton, Dan and Malake

Pastor Protus pastors a church which sits near the base of Mt Elgon.

Mt Elgon

Here are some faces of those we met and taught throughout our visit there.

The widows I was blessed to teach….

The Pastors I was blessed to deliver study bibles to…

Tom with Jannefer and her friend

Sezi with boys who were his shadow all week…

This last picture is of the one who encouraged me most during the conference.

A Servant of God…

This man has one leg and one eye, and stories from being in the bush with such disabilities that make you cringe….but through it all he gives all the glory to God.

Overall, I am most blessed to have seen the Lord work throughout the week in peoples lives, including my own. What a joy to be part of His work.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa