I love to read the writings of Apostle Paul…reading the books in the Bible that God gave him to write is like reading a letter from a friend. One of the things I love to read about, is that no matter where he was writing from…he longed to see those he loved. He either wanted to go to them or for them to come to him. Tomorrow I begin my 40 hour journey home to see the people I love. I long to see my family.

My children….Bryan and Dana….

My Sweet Daughter-in-love…Kim with Bryan

My Precious Grandchildren..Stephen, Eli, Emma, Sawyer, Caleb, Michael, Sarah and Isaac

My church family, and the friends God has surrounded me with. I was packed on Monday….I guess that is a good indicator of just how ready I am to come home. I do not take for granted that when God called me to be a missionary to Africa that He gave me the opportunity to come home a couple of times a year. I think of those who are serving across our world today that have not been able to see their families in a long time and my heart breaks for them.

It’s amazing how things work out in our lives. Before coming to Africa to serve, I had never gone longer than a month and most often a week without a seeing my children and grandchildren. If someone had told me that some day I would live so far away from them and only see them a couple of times a year, I would have said…there is no way. It would not have been something I could have done in my own strength…or anything I would have chosen for myself. Yet, God in His goodness had a plan for me….a plan that would give a healthy balance to both serving Him and being a Momma and a Mommaw. I would have served Him obediently if He had sent me where I could not come home, so I must praise Him for the choices He made where I could see my family more often.

My heartfelt thanks for every prayer thats been prayed on my behalf during this yet another battle with malaria. This time has not been as bad as before. I know the reason is because of all the prayers. I believe when I leave out to head home tomorrow, I will only be dealing with the side effects of the injections…so much easier trip than last time. Please continue praying that I keep getting better and have no reoccurrence. Also, remember to keep me covered in prayer as I travel. I will arrive in Atlanta on Sunday night.

I would love to hear from all of you who pray for me..support me…or do both…while I am home and have the opportunity to thank you personally.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa