I write tonight settled back into my Africa home. I am doing well physically and experienced no issues related to my recent surgery during my travel back.

It is good to be back and get back to doing what I love to do! First I want to update you on Arafat. I was so happy to see him, yet sad to see how much sicker he had become since I left. Yesterday was from what I’m told a good day for him, but it sure wasn’t as good as the days he was having a few weeks back. However, today was much better than yesterday.

He has been being fed intravenously for a month now and yesterday was the first time Pam was able to give him actual food. It didn’t set well with him, but today what he has eaten has stayed down and he was definitely in better spirits. His weight is down to 44 pounds which as you can imagine for a 12 year boy, is just skin and bones. In the picture below, he is wearing a boys size 8 shirt, so you can see how it is hanging off of him and its a small shirt. He remains in serious condition and continues to need your prayers. I took this picture of him this afternoon. I told him I was going to write home and give everyone a update on him…so he is truly smiling for each of you! Its a great picture and his smile so describes the boy he is.

Arafat sending you a smile….

We had an incredible day today as the pastors came for their BSI bible training. It was a blessing as they began to arrive and embraced one another like long lost family members. It was obvious they have become close during this season of learning and had truly missed being together while I was away.

Some wonderful folks from my home church family purchased bible covers for me to bring back for the new study bibles we gave them a few months ago. I think this picture speaks for itself…..

BSI Class of Pastors with their new bible covers….thank you Blackshear Place family…they were thrilled! Thank you to everyone who took the time to go out and purchase a bible cover for them. It is a gift they will cherish always.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa