Arafat…the day before he left for the hospital….

I write tonight seeking your prayers once again for Arafat. I’ve just gotten off the phone with Pam and it seems he has taken a turn for the worse, and what hope we’ve had seems to be diminishing. Pam took him back to the hospital in Kampala on Thursday.

His issues remain the same as they’ve been for the past 4 months, he is not healing. He is now down to 40 pounds. As I wrote in my last update, after being fed for over a month intravenously, Pam was allowed to give him small portions of food. Yet, as before, it processes out his incision. Pam said when they gave him the solution to drink before the CT scan, the solution poured out of the incision just like a faucet being turned on.

It is hard to know what specific request to ask you to pray. I find myself struggling with what to say to the Lord…so I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit to intercede for me. You see, this little boy who has lived with us now for 3 months continues to die a slow painful death. Pam said tonight that if the surgeon can do nothing for him, there is no hope and his pain will only increase as his life fades away.

I know God is in control and I know His plans are perfect, yet for us, especially Pam, we are bending under the burden of what the days to come are going to be like. My hearts desire is for God to heal him here on this earth, yet, I struggle with facing the possibility that God may not heal him down here, and we will have to watch him suffer.

Pam is strong and has been the best care-giver anyone could have….Arafat has molded into her heart after caring for him all these months. He is begging for food that she cannot give to him…and today in the hospital, he unhooked his IV’s, climbed out of his bed and found a refrigerator where he thought there would be some food. He did the same thing here at the mission house the day before he went to the hospital. The child is starving and we can’t feed him because of what it does to his insides.

Pam said the test shows the process of food is now circulating in many areas where it is not suppose to be. She said his hip joints are deteriorating because of it, as well as other places.

All of us need your prayers….but I ask specifically for Pam and Arafat. Please take their names to our Heavenly Father and ask Him for His perfect will to be done.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary – East Africa