It’s been a great day today here in Uganda. Today was my first travel day since I returned from my visit to the states. The past couple of weeks I’ve settled in and completed the scheduling and preparation for the months ahead. 2012 is going to be an amazing year! My calendar is full but so are the blessings that come with busyness with God!

Arafat is doing well, with the exception of a small opening that has opened back up in his stomach. He is back in school half days and enjoying being back with his friends. Please pray for this new opening to heal quickly and for there to be no complications with it.

Arafat….he weighs 72 pounds now….Praise The Lord!

Today was a two-fold blessing as I traveled to the bush. The first blessing was distributing Bibles to the bush school children. These Bibles were donated by a special 12 year old girl named Laynie England.

Spent an afternoon with Laynie before I left the states… a very sweet girl! The bible she is holding, is the bibles she raised money for.

Laynie heard me speak at her church youth group at Air Line Baptist Church and her heart was moved when she learned the children here have no Bibles. She began a campaign to raise money for me to bring back with me and purchase Bibles for these school children. With the funds she raised and the funds others like Carol Brown who was inspired by what Laynie had done, I was able to purchase 160 Bibles!

These are pictures I took today as the Bibles made their way into the hands of the children.

What is so incredible about this is, it is not just the children who will benefit from the Bibles. The guardians/parents/grandparents whomever the child lives with, most likely cannot read, so these children will be taking the Word of God home and reading what they can of it to their families.

The other blessing of the day was meeting with the women leaders from the northern zone of our churches here. These women are doing amazing ministry here among the widows as well as sharing the gospel. Our meeting today was to begin planning for our first women’s team conference.

Northern Zone Women Leaders – Syonga

A few months ago I began to pray about asking my home church, Blackshear Place to send a women’s teaching team. I am thrilled to share that this is now happening and a women’s team from Blackshear will be here in July to join me in teaching these amazing daughters of the King!

Today we planned our food budget because much of the food has to be purchased now, as there will not be another harvest before July. They are expecting more than 300 women for this conference so advanced planning is required to have adequate food.

On Saturday our BSI (Bible Skills Institute) classes resume. It has been so good to hear from the pastors who have all called in anticipation of class resuming. I will have the pastors who have been with me the past year here in Busia back, as well as the pastors beginning their second year at Lake Victoria. Also, a new class in Buradi, Kenya. All together we have 56 pastors taking these courses.

On Monday I leave to stay for a week in Kenya for the first Secret Church conference. Conferences that are a direct blessing from our Heavenly Father. I will wait until next week and write an update on this event while I am there and share some pictures. But in the meantime, please be praying for the pastors who will be attending. Pray there will be no hindrances in their participation.

As always I am blessed to be here, to represent the Lord and all of you who faithfully pray/support the work He has called me to do.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary- East Africa