I’ve had my last shower and used the toilet the last time and am heading out to the Kenya bush to facilitate 5 days of Secret Church studies. I’ll stay with the closest neighbor to the church where the conference will be held, so there will be no showers or toilets or running water, yet there will be wonderful fellowship and joy spending time together with those I have been called here to serve alongside. Not only wonderful fellowship and joy with my brothers and sisters in Christ, but more importantly, fellowship and joy with our Lord as we listen over these next few days to Pastor David Platt teach us via podcast the three foundational Secret Church sessions he began with several years ago. We will cover the teachings Holy Spirit gave to him on Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament and How To Study the Bible.

This is the first of 10 weeks I’ll be traveling throughout Kenya and Uganda facilitating these studies over the next several months. As I leave this morning, I do so in anticipation of God working in ways I have not seen here before as more than 300 pastors will be trained during these next few months with these incredible seminary lessons. I don’t think I can truly grasp the outcome of it all because there will be no way to tract how the gospel and these teachings go forward until we get to heaven and see those whose lives were touched because God entrusted His word to Pastor Platt and through Disciple Making International, (disciplemakingintl.org) it has now reached us here in East Africa.

Please pray specifically for these areas:
Pray for the pastors who will be participating.
Pray for all of us be to protected from the spiritual warfare the enemy will be enforcing.
Pray for the 5 ladies who will walk several hours daily for water to cook the food.
Pray for safe travel as most of the pastors will walk for very long distances to attend the conferences.
Pray that our minds will be clear and we will have the ability to comprehend the lessons and that we will retain the knowledge we learn in order to go back out and teach it.
Thank the Lord for Pastor Platt and his team at Disciple Making International. Ask the Lord to continue to bless them abundantly as they make a difference all over the world.
Pray for my endurance as the heat here has been 100 degrees or more daily.
Thank you in advance for praying, it soothes my soul to know we are covered by the prayers of the Saints of the Lord.
Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary- East Africa