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It’s been an incredible week here in Busia! The team has served in various ministries throughout the bush areas. They have done children’s ministry, hut to hut evangelism and revivals. What a joy to watch God call unto Himself new members of His family! I have lost count of how many have surrendered their lives to Jesus this week, I know it is more than 100, but I don’t know the exact count! We just know that the angels in heaven have spent this week rejoicing!

Chris….loving on some children….

Christie…making children happy….

Joel sharing the gospel with the evangel cube

Jonas, Jason, Joel and Henrik…resting a bit after a morning of hut to hut evangelism and children’s ministry

Chris, Nathan and Hal resting a bit after a morning of hut to hut evangelism and children’s ministry

Stacy, Conny and Leonie resting a bit after a morning of hut to hut evangelism and children’s ministry

Two of our translators on one of the paths the team did hut to hut evangelism

Mike and Greg receiving their chicken and eggs as a gift for leading the ministries this week…

It’s hard to believe their journey back to the states and Germany begins tomorrow. My life has been enriched as they have served alongside me. Overall, it has been a joy to watch God work in each of their lives and transform them. I know they are not going home the same, the changes are evident as they have personally sought God in a deeper way than ever before. My prayer is that what you see in them when they return will be contagious, and you too will be encouraged to grow in your own personal relationship with God.

Thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed on our behalf this week. Please continue to pray for all these team members as they travel home and take what God has taught them to others.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa

As I write this all of you are just waking up and getting the Lords Day started. We have had an amazing GOD SIZE day! There is so much to tell!

Christie with her translator teaching the women….

We arrived at church this morning and I was blessed to join Christie as she taught the women. She did a wonderful job! As service began Hal and Joshua gave their testimonies. Both of them did a great job!

Hal giving his testimony

Joshua giving his testimony

Joel preached one of the clearest messages I’ve heard preach on salvation.

Joel preaching with Pastor Moses translating….

Now comes the most incredible part….go ahead and get your tissues! As I said, Joel preached an amazing message. At the end he gave an altar call. It seemed like time just stood still for a moment and no one moved, then very slowly a man stood up and began making his way to the altar. Joel had no way of knowing who this man was. It was our sweet little Derick’s father. My heart was filled to overflowing with joy!

Derick’s Father and Joel

After service was over we were able to talk to them and we learned that not only did the father pray and accept Christ today, so did the mother, a brother and a sister. Immediately after church we were having baptism and they all went down and were baptized.

Our path down to the water hole for baptism

Derick’s new born again parents and his siblings….

God has shown up and showed off His majesty here in Busia today! We are headed out to a soccer game….Muzungu’s vs Africans…..Of course the muzungu’s are our team….so…’s going to be fun to watch! Keep the prayers going….here are some pictures from today.

Me and Mike with our Germany team members…Conny, Jonas, Henrik and Leonie

My sweet Blackshear Place girls…..Christie and Stacy

Sweet men of God and dear friends from Blackshear Place…

Our Blackshear Place team….

All of our team together…three nations…Uganda, Germany and America

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been back for a month. God has been working all around me and I’ve been so caught up in Him, the time has just slipped away.

I have a wonderful Arafat update for you. He is truly better….here is a new picture for you. Pastor Moses took him for a ride on his motorcycle! He loved it….I asked him was it more fun to ride one than be hit by one and he laughed!

Arafat enjoying an afternoon riding with Pastor Moses around Busia on his motorcycle

Its been over three weeks now since he has taken anything for pain. He is no longer in the bed for hours during the day, he gets up early and stays up all day. His wound in now about the size of a quarter….a miracle as for the previous 6 months, it was often the length of a dollar bill. All of his body functions are working properly and he is happy and playing all the time. Sometimes I forget how much better he is and it shocks me to see him walk by the window laughing and playing with our other children here. God has blessed us with a miracle. There is no other explanation as to why he is still alive!

The best part of the update though is this. The first week I was back he and I were sitting together just talking about random things. Out of nowhere he said….I’m a Christian now and I want to be baptized! My heart was thrilled…..for a child from a Muslim background to accept Jesus as his Savior and on his own share his desire for baptism is just as much a miracle as his healing has been. Please take some time when you read this and thank God for the miracle He has sent.

I have two prayer request I’d like you to pray. I have a good friend in my bible fellowship class at Blackshear Place, Donna Gabriel. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Her and her friend Melanie, both of whom are nurses have been planning diligently to come here on a mission trip and possible make a decision to stay here fulltime. I would like for you to pray for God’s divine total physically healing so some day soon she can make the journey she has been planning.

Another reques: there is a mission team leaving out of Atlanta today from my home church, Blackshear Place headed over here to serve. Please pray specifically for their safety and for this trip to deepen their relationship with the Lord in such a way that they will never be the same again.

Love to all,

Joy Breedlove

Missionary-East Africa