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Wow, did God ever do something so amazing today! Not that He doesn’t do amazing things every day, but today was without a doubt a divine appointment!

I’ve been struggling for a while, more so than normal with missing being home. My oldest Grandson Stephen went to his first youth camp and I wasn’t there to see and hear him share how God had worked in his life. I wasn’t there a few days after he returned when he understood that he only had head knowledge of the Lord and he surrendered his life to Christ. This week my next to oldest Grandson Eli is playing baseball in Myrtle Beach and they have beaten teams from all over the country. Eli made a game winning catch and I wasn’t there. I saw a picture today of my youngest grandson Isaac with underwear on and not a diaper, I wasn’t there for that. All of my grandchildren are out of school and doing the things we always do together in the summer, but I am not there for that.¬† (more…)

God has continued to bless me as the week has passed by with better health. All that is left from the Malaria is memories, which keeps me hoping I don’t get it again! I had my first and lets hope only bicycle wreck with minor injuries this week as well, so all in all I find myself starting this new week healed from them both!

On Tuesday I went to one of the bush churches to teach. This church is called Syonga and Pastor Joseph and his wife Ana are very special to me. I first met them when I was here last October and have been looking forward to having the time to go back and spend a day with them. It was such a great day. When we were traveling there on Tuesday morning I was still experiencing fatigue from the Malaria and I wasn’t sure how I would hold up teaching all day. Yet, I had nothing to worry about, our Heavenly Father took great care of me and once I started teaching, I didn’t notice anymore that my body was tired!

Pastor Joseph and Ana


I had a good nights rest and have enjoyed a quiet restful day without many effects left from the Malaria with the exception of fatigue. No relapse symptoms thus far and I continue to pray that none will occur. Holy Spirit and I along with my Bible have taken an incredible journey through Esther today….preparing to teach tomorrow, Lord willingly that I am able to go on as scheduled.

Your prayers and words of encouragement have meant more than you could know. To be so far from home and experience a tough illness was not easy, yet, I am thankful that God in His goodness has placed me in an area that I have internet. I try very hard to never take for granted what a precious gift the internet is for me. I cannot imagine being here and not being able to communicate home. (more…)

Today is day two coping with the illness of Malaria. I say coping because it seems I have no power over the disease or the symptoms. I thought at first the high fevers were the worst part, but after today not being able to stand up without getting sick at my stomach has been worse than the fevers. (more…)

Since I have been serving here in Africa, God has allowed me to share the gospel everywhere I go and teach. All along the way there have been those who pray and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, but today is a day I will not soon forget.

I taught today in a bush church in the middle of nowhere. The church meets under the shade of a tree, there are no structures at all. They have been meeting there for over 2 years now and the church is growing. They have started an orphan school that holds class every weekday under the shade of that tree. They have about 60 orphans that come every day. They sang a song for me when I arrived. Where they are standing is where both church and school are both held.

Orphans Being Taught Under The Shade Of A Tree


I can’tt believe it’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote an update. The days are over before I know it and then a week passes by. It seems impossible that I have already been in Africa 3 months! Without a doubt I am settling in and feeling more at home here.¬†Having a place to live that has water and power at the same time and most all of the time has helped. However, one of the best things I’ve been given here that has helped me feel more at home than anything else is having people around me who have become my family here. (more…)