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  1. Dear Director,
    Am a pastor, ministering to a Deaf congregation in Nairobi the capital of Kenya. The average attendance is ninety five (95) Deaf members in any given Sunday. Our Deaf Church is 10 years old and has been supported by sponsors and well wishers.
    Most of our Deaf members are either unemployed or underemployed. As such they lack enough financial capacity to fully support all Deaf Church expenses. The current sponsor does not appear very keen to see spiritually growth and Deaf independence. Our Deaf leaders lack training , seminars, etc and this is one reason we feel has contributed to our slow growth and stagnation.
    After lots of prayer and soul searching we decided to reach out to your organization with the aim of forming a partnership. We believe this would give the much needed all round support required for our Deaf congregation to realise its full potential.
    There is room for growth and expansion especially due to the high number of unreached Deaf people in Nairobi and Nyanza Counties.
    Please kindly contact us for more details. We look forward for the betterment of Deaf lives and the spreading God’s love through the Gospel.

    Thanking you sincerely,
    Deaf Pastor Charles Odira
    Harvest Mission Deaf Church
    PO BOX 28125
    00200 Nairobi, Kenya

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