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I can’t believe I haven’t had the opportunity to write in over a week now. It would take me many hours to write the joy and happiness the past week has been, especially the past 5 days. I received an incredible surprise on Thursday night when my home church Blackshear Place team arrived. (more…)

I think I could just post this picture with no details and those of you who know me well would understand how happy I was to receive a package from my daughter, Dana, which included M&M’s.

The best M&M’s ever!

It’s been over 2 months now since I finished the last I brought with me. One thing is for sure, becoming a missionary makes the things you want so simple compared to all the things you wanted before. Simple, yet a great blessing. I am so excited that her and my son, Bryan are putting together a shipping tote of things to send me next week with the team coming from my home church Blackshear Place. Now, if they could just somehow figure out a way to stow themselves inside I would be one happy Momma! (more…)